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We know you value environmental responsibility as much as we do. And that is why we have always been one of the greenest salon companies in Canada.

From compact fluorescent bulbs wherever possible, to low EMF/ wattage equipment, we have always tried to balance beauty with the environment.

We are proud to announce that $1.50 will be added to service bills to help us
embark on the most aggressive recycling effort anywhere in the salon industry.

With this small surcharge, we are able to do the previously impossible:
recycle virtually everything in the salon. From the empty colour tubes, to
used foils right down to your hair, it will all be put to use and stay out of landfills.

Excess colour is now being taken to a treatment facility rather than being rinsed
down the drain and entering the water system.

Thank you for choosing us as your hair salon. That choice minimizes the
effects of hair services on the environment in Greater Vancouver.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your stylist or the management.

Again, a sincere thank you from all of us at Michael Levine Salons.

A Michael Levine Salons has always been about being an involved and active part of the community in Greater Vancouver.


One of our favorite ways to raise money and awareness to hold cut-a-thons, where 100% of our proceeds will go to the charity or organization we’ve chosen that year.

With event proceeds going to such amazing organizations such as the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Animal Advocates, and the CKNW Orphan’s Fund among others, we strive to give back to our community wherever we can.


Our runway team takes a very active role in BC’s fashion industry. We volunteer at Vancouver Fashion Week regularly; sending dozens of our talented stylists to work the runway models hair, helping local designers showcase their creations.


We are an active participant and leader in ticket sales for Show Off, the Beauty Council’s annual event showcasing the best and most creative salon teams in BC.

The proceeds for this event are always going back into the community by funding Beauty Night, where we hope to make positive change in the lives of some of Vancouver’s most needy women.

It’s incredible what a makeover and positivity can do for someone’s self-esteem.

Since we first opened our doors in 1998, we have always maintained a passion for turning people on to the hairdressing industry.


Through apprenticeships, we have helped literally hundreds of people empower themselves to take control of their lives through hairdressing. And we did it by employing them and training them at our expense.


There are so many young people we have met who lacked a goal or direction, and we are proud to have helped them to take their lives in a new direction.


For us, we’ve always put people first. We hire for attitude rather than experience, and we don’t hire out of other salons. We want to contribute. And we have always created employment for the right people, whether we needed new people on our team or not.


Our culture is about sharing and being positive influences on youth. Things can be tough out there, and we’ve always embraced the opportunity to hire and employ almost anyone who truly wanted to work with us at a Michael Levine Salons.

Environmental Efforts
Job Creation
Community Involvement